Arabic School

The Arabic Community Language School is one of the most long standing and highly demanded projects the YCA supports. It is a crucial service which ensures young people develop essential speaking, reading and writing skills in Arabic.

Learning takes place in a very supportive environment which encourages all students to achieve to their full potential. The Arabic school promotes community cohesion by teaching children the importance of active citizenship alongside understanding their own cultural history.

The school has different classes for children of different levels. It offers a professional and structured curriculum, high quality materials and resources and a dedicated group of Arabic teachers work towards a curriculum which includes Arabic speaking listening reading and writing, Islamic studies, Maths, Geography and history of the Middle East

Over 300 young people now attend the Arabic Language School from all across the city. The increase in recent years partly as a result of the increasing numbers of refugee children in Sheffield, many of whom come from Arabic-speaking countries. The Language School measures its success in terms of the self-confidence of the young people; but, more measurably, in terms of the GCSE and A level success of the young people. 17 young people who took GCSE Arabic at the local secondary school, Firvale, 12 achieved grade A or A*.For most of these young people, this was the highest grade they achieved at GCSE.

Fees:The annual fees will depend on whether you enrol one child or more. Children with siblings will receive a discount. Please contact us for an accurate breakdown.

Contact:For information about enrolling your child at the Arabic school please contact Musaid Al-Hakam on (0114) 3030144.